Si Phraya Pier Area

Si Phraya Pier Area Map
Si Phraya Pier Area Map
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The only thing of general interest around the Si Phraya pier is the River City shopping center, which specializes in high-end Thai arts and crafts. If you like local markets or unusual temples, then crossing the river for a stroll around the Klong San area may be interesting. Note that the cross-river ferry pier is on the opposite side of the hotel from the express boat pier.

River City
The center specializes in "antiques" - which in Thailand means things made in an old style, even if they were made yesterday. It can definitely be worth a look around. The dock on the river in front of the center is the most reputable place to rent a long-tailed boat for canal tours.
Sheraton Royal Orchid
The Royal Orchid was one of the first really big hotels on the river in Bangkok, but constant upkeep has kept it near the top of the city's hotel offerings. If you have a lot of Starwood points, use them to get a club floor room. You won't regret it.
Portuguese Chancellery
The Portuguese were the first Europeans to have formal ties with Siam. The plot of land on which the current Chancellery stands was granted by King Rama II in 1820. It was replaced later in that century by the present structure.