Vajariromaya Residence

Vajariromaya Residence
The Vajariromaya Residence in the Sanam Chan Palace, Nakhon Pathom

Vajariromaya Residence and its attached Samakkhi Mukmat throne hall are the only buildings at Sanam Chan Palace that look like traditional Thai palaces. These structures were built after Rama VI was crowned. The two story residence building has apartments on the second floor and a reception room on the ground floor. It is connected to the Phiman Pathom residence by a two story walkway.

The large Samakkhi Mukmat hall was mainly used as a theater and meeting hall for King Rama VI's Wild Tiger Corps. The theater building is really quite beautiful, with black lacquer columns detailed in gold, supporting a red-painted ceiling stamped with more gold medallions. King Rama VI seems to have been the most 'theatrical' of the Chakri dynasty. He is said to have translated Romeo & Juliet into Thai, and performed as well as wrote many plays. You can see photographs of the king in costume on display in the Chali Mongkhon Asana residence.

Access to the Vajariromaya Residence is generally through the Phiman Pathom residence.

Note: No photography is allowed inside the palace buildings. You must leave any bags in the lockers provided before entering the buildings.