Saint Anna Church


My rating: ★★★★★

Saint Anna Nong Saeng Catholic church is right on the river at the far north end of Nakhon Phanom town. Most of the direction signs around town simply label it as 'Catholic'.

Saint Anna Church
The chapel of Saint Anna Church

The church, which is a Co-Cathedral, was established in 1926, although the current chapel would appear to date from the 1970s. Different sources refer to this church as Saint Ann, Saint Anne and Saint Anna.

Old church building
An old building next to the chapel

Next to the chapel is a much older building that was probably the rectory at one point. Although it echoes the lines of the old colonial era, the building was actually erected in 1952. It was in a very run-down state when I visited in July 2012, but there were signs it was going to be renovated soon.