Wat Jedyod


My rating: ★★★★★

South of the Night Bazaar area is one of the newer temples in Chiang Rai town. Wat Jedyod, which means 'seven peaks,' was started in 1844. It's sort of a copy of the ancient temple of the same name in Chiang Mai, which itself is a copy of a temple in India.

The 7-peaked Pagoda
The seven-peaked pagoda that gives Wat Jedyod its name

The main chapel (wiharn) in front of the chedi (pagoda) was consecrated in 1944, and is quite interesting in its own right. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the mural painted on the wooden ceiling of the front portico. It features a presentation of the Thai astrological system. The doors of the wiharn are also painted. Inside, the decor is mostly red and silver, instead of the red and gold found in most other Chiang Rai temples.

Main Chapel
The main chapel of Wat Jedyod

The rectangular base of the chedi is directly behind the chapel. On the side facing the chapel is a cave-like opening into the base. At the end of a short corridor is an alter featuring a reclining Buddha. On either side of the altar are small stairways leading up to the roof. The stairs are steep and narrow. The opening at the top almost didn't look big enough to get through! I should also note that a sign beside the stairs indicates that women are not allowed to go up.

Once on the roof, you can get a closeup view of the seven chedis, as well as some other ornaments you might not even see from the ground. At the back of the roof is a shaft going all the way down to the ground. I couldn't tell what it was for.