Wat Jong Kam

Wat Jong Kam
The large wiharn (prayer hall) of Wat Jong Kam
Wat Jong Kam Buddha
The large Buddha image of Luang Pho To.

Sharing the same grounds as Wat Jong Klang is Wat Jong Kam. If it appears just a little less old and elaborate than its neighbor, its because much of the temple was destroyed by fire in 1970. The only remaining significant structure is the very unusual ubosot (ordination hall), which is a large rectangular slab with several stupas on the roof.

The central building of Wat Jong Kam, like all the Shan temples of Mae Hong Son, is the large wooden wiharn decorated with white metal fretwork. Inside, the altar is fronted by an ornate throne-like pulpit used by the abbot for sermons. To one side of the alter is a large shrine to one of the former abbots of the temple.

Outside, next to the wooden wiharn, is a modern building built over the revered Buddha image of Luang Pho To.