Wat Kam Ko

Wat Kam Ko
Overall view of Wat Kam Ko

Kam Ko (or Kam Kaw) temple isn't featured in most guidebooks, but its right across the street from Wat Phra Non and well worth a visit. The temple appears to date from around 1901. Like all temples in Mae Hong Son, Wat Kam Ko is distinctly designed and decorated in the Shan style with delicate 'doily' like fretwork.

Entrance to Wat Kam Ko
The covered walkway to the sala, with its elaborate roof.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the temple is the covered walkway, leading from the lion-guarded entrance to the sala. The entrance to the walkway is toped with an elaborate multi-tiered roof.

Stupa at Wat Kam Ko
The chedi of Wat Kam Ko

Next to the walkway is a large white chedi with extensive gilding. Next to the chedi is a small ubosot that is rather plain compared to the rest of the temple's buildings.

The walkway leads directly to the temple's sala which, like most in Mae Hong Son, is very large and airy. On either side of the Buddha image on the altar are standing statues of attendants in robes.