Wat Muo Taw

Wat Mui Taw
The many towers (chedis) of Wat Mui Taw

Next to Wat Phra Non at the base of Doi Kong Mu is the temple of Muo Taw. Although it's impossible to miss, this curious and obviously old temple is not in any guidebook, Thai or English, to the city. The temple lies next to one path leading up to the Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu temple on top of the hill.

Buddha image in Wat Mui Taw
A beautiful Buddha in a dilapidated shrine at Wat Muo Taw

The temple consists of a small ubosot and a typical open wiharn lined up in a garden. Behind these is a walled platform with a line of six large chedis. In between the platform and the temple building is a smaller terrace with many reliquaries for ashes.

Wat Mui Taw
A collection of reliquaries holding ashes

The large chedis are in several different styles and appear to be of different ages. Roughly in the middle of the platform is a small dilapidated shrine housing three beautiful Buddha images.

Wat Mui Taw
Giant 'lion' guarding the path up Doi Kong Mu

The path up to the top of the mountain is guarded by two large somewhat overgrown lions. This path is the eaiser one to take if you're walking up the mountain.