Si Satchanalai Inner City

Wat Nang Phaya Wat Chedi Jet Taeo Wat Suan Kaeo Utthaya Yai Wat Suan Kaeo Utthayan Noi Wat Chang Lom Wat Khao Suwankhiri Wat Khao Phno Phloeng Chao Mae La-Ong Sam Lee Shrine

The Inner City was enclosed by a stone wall pierced by six gates. Unlike Sukhothai's inner city, the walls at Si Satchanalai do not form a simple rectangle, and are not oriented to the cardinal directions. Instead, the site parallels the Yom River, and unusually, encloses a small ridge of hills that roughly bisects the city. The ridge runs just off an east-west axis, and is dotted with some impressive temples and shrines.

Map of Si Satchanalai
Map of Si Satchanalai City
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Running in a line in a southeastern direction perpendicular to the ridge are four large temples, each larger and grander than the next. You can view the temples in any order, but the recommended sequence is to start at Wat Nang Phaya and work you way towards the hill temples.

Admission to the inner city area costs 100 Baht (2.60 USD), or, you can purchase an all-inclusive ticket to the inner city, Wat Chom Chuen archaeological site, and the kilns for 220 Baht (5.71 USD). If you are bringing your own car (or one you've rented) into the inner city, you'll have to pay an additinal 50 Baht (1.30 USD).