Patthalung Province

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Map of Patthalung Province
Patthalung Province

Patthalung province occupies the western shore of the great inland sea known as Thale Luang in Thai. The provincial capital itself is a relatively modern town, having been founded by Rama III in the nineteenth century. The town is attractively set between two sharp peaks.

Phattalung is famous as the place where shadow puppetry was first performed in Thailand. Its still one of the few places where traditional performances can be seen on a regular basis.

Patthalung Sights

Wat Tham Kuha Sawan
This temple is built around a couple of caves in one of the peaks guarding the town of Patthalung. There are great views from the upper cave.
Governors Palace
This restored cluster of traditionally styled Thai houses was built in the late nineteenth century and has been fully restored. Its open every day and is located east of town.
Thale Noi Waterbird Park
This huge bird sanctuary is home to migratory birds traveling from as far away as Siberia and Australia.