Trang Province

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Located just south of the newly popular Krabi province, Trang shares its northern neighbor's spectacular limestone cliffs and white sandy beaches. Development is starting to creep south from Krabi, and with the opening of its own airport, Trang appears to be the next big destination.

Map of Trang Province
Trang Province

Trang Sights

Trang Town
The city of Trang itself has apparently been settled for more than 2,000 years. It was known as an important trading center beginning as far back as the first century. Trade is still more important to the town than tourism. The modern town has a strong Chinese flavor to it, due to a large influx of Chinese immigrants to work in the rubber industry in the nineteenth century.
There are many small islands off Trang's coastline. Some have tourist facilities while others are still largely wild. The easiest islands to get to are Libong, Hai and Mook. All have modest places to stay, white sandy beaches, and great coral formations. On Mook island, a short distance from Hai Island, is a place called the Emerald Cave. It's a long tunnel through a limestone cliff that eventually opens out to a sort of 'beach' in the middle of the island.
Had Chao Mai National Park
This large national park covers the coast and several offshore islands in Trang province. The park encompasses wetlands, mangrove swamps and the karst islands in the sea. This is one os the few places where you stand a chance of seeing the highly endangered Dugong, a manatee-like sea mammal.