Sunflower Fields

Sunflower Fields
A field of sunflowers in Lopburi province.

Each year, from some time in November until February or March, the fields around Lopburi province are filled with bright yellow sunflowers. These are commercial crops raised for producing seeds and oil, yet they have become something of a tourist attraction.

This is a very "Thai" tourist sight. The fields aren't even mentioned in most guide books. Still, the large fields of yellow and green flowers set against the steep limestone hills surrounding the Lopburi plain are quite striking.

The fields are probably not worth the trip on their own, but if visiting Lopburi at the right time of year, they are well worth the side trip.

Getting There

Getting to the sunflower fields is the tricky part. As they are working farms, there is little if any infrastructure for tourists to get there. The main fields are off the highway between Lopburi town and Saraburi, about 10 kilometers from Lopburi town.