Map of Ubon Ratchathani

Riverside Fresh Market Moon Lover Coffee Shop Wat Thung Sri Muang Sri Isan Hotel The Ratchathani Hotel Night Food Market City Monument City Pillar Ubon National Museum Wat Sri Ubon Rattanaram
Ubon Ratchathani Map
Map of central Ubon Ratchathani

The city of Ubon Ratchathani is laid out along the Moon River. Most of the sights of the city are in and around the 'central park' called Thung Si Muang. The sights include the Ubon branch of the National Museum as well as a giant golden replica of one of the city's famous candles.

Three of the city's temples are interesting for a visit: Wat Sri Ubon Rattanaram, facing Thung Si Muang, is one of the most important temples and home to a Buddha image carved of topaz. Just a block or so away from the park to the east is Wat Thung Sri Muang, which holds a marvelous old wooden library. Lastly, Wat Tai down close to the river is a curious hodgepodge of styles in a sculptural fairy garden.

You won't find much shopping in Ubon. There are a few nice handicraft shops - which don't sell your usual junky trinkets - facing the night market area. There's a large local fresh market down by the river next to the main highway bridge. It's probably better for photo opportunities than shopping.