Wat Saen Fang

Wat SaengFang
The rather Burmese styled pagoda of Wat Saen Fang

Along Tapae Road, you'll notice a pair of nagas (dragon-like serpents) lining a narrow lane. Following the lane away from the busy street will take you to the quiet compound of Wat Saen Fang.

The temple displays many Burmese details, such as in the shape of the highly decorated chedi with its rainbow of mirrored tiles, or the guardians on the roof of the ordination hall (ubosot). The prayer hall (wiharn) sports an intricately carved front painted in bright red and gold. Behind the wiharn is a large rambling building where the monks are quartered.

On the other side of the chedi from the wiharn are several smaller chapels as well as the unusual ubosot. The ordination hall is raised high on a stone platform. Its roof is lined with a large number of doll-like guardian spirits.