Chinese Pandas

In 2003, a pair of pandas was loaned to Thailand by the Chinese government. They arrived in late summer, and after a period of acclimation they went on display at an all new multi-million dollar air conditioned environment at the Chiang Mai Zoo.

Panda Breakfast
First thing in the morning, the pair have a bit of breakfast.

The pair comprises a three year old 160 kilogram male called "Chuang Chuang" and a petite two year old female named "Lin Hui". A contest was held to come up with Thai names for the pandas, with the winning entries being "Tewan" and "Tewee".

The Lady Panda
The female panda poses for her close-up.

The best time to visit the pandas is first thing in the morning. When the enclosure first opens at 9:00 the pandas are let out of their dens and fed. If our visit is any indication, the male then gets a bit frisky. By afternoon, the cuddly creatures are usually asleep.

Panda Lovin
"C'mon baby, I need some of that panda lurve."

For more information on the current happenings around the pandas, visit their web site at

Admission Fees and Hours

Admission to the panda enclosure costs 100 Baht (2.60 USD) for adults and 50 Baht (1.30 USD) for children, in addition to the Zoo entry fee. The enclosure opens at 9:00 -- an hour after the zoo opens.

NOTE: While photography is allowed in the enclosure, use of a flash is strictly prohibited. Make sure you disable the flash on your camera before entering the enclosure.