Koh Phi Phi Hotels & Resorts

There are well over 40 hotels, resorts and guesthouses on Koh Phi Phi, so finding just the right one can be a bit difficult. I've made a few suggestions below, based on feedback from trusted friends and fellow travelers. You can try the Koh Phi Phi hotel search page to sort through all the options and find just the right hotel for you. One big decision you should make early on in your hotel search is which area you want to base yourself in. The Tonsai Bay / Loh Dalum area is where a lot of the hotels are, as well as many restaurants, shops and other amenities. It's also where all the people are. Long Beach is just a short distance from Tonsai Bay, so it's handy for going out to eat, yet slightly removed from the craziness. Lastly, Bagao Bay and Laemthong are separate little worlds of their own, completely removed from the major population areas.