Ho Phra Narai Shrine

Across the street from the shrine to Shiva the Ho Phra Narai sits shaded by a huge tree. Narai is an incarnation of Vishnu, popular to this day among Thais.

Vishnu Shrine
The Ho Phra Narai, a shrine to the Hindu god Vishnu

Inside the shrine is a battered old stone statue of Vishnu. Nobody is sure if the statue is original or if it was carved to replace an even older altarpiece.

Five lingas uncovered in the grounds of the shrine are on display in the National Museum. They are thought to be more than 1,000 years old.

Getting There

The Ho Phra Narai chapel is right on Ratchadamnoen Road a short distance from the remnants of the North Gate. The best way to get there is by songthaew - a small pickup with benches along either side of the bed. Each trip costs just 5 Baht.