Phuket Essentials

No matter what kind of traveler you are, there are a few basic essentials that you need to travel to Phuket. Here are links to the basics:

Getting There
The best way to get to Phuket is to fly there. The only other realistic option is by bus, which takes in excess of 12 hours from Bangkok. The train completely by-passes the Andaman coast, so it is not really an option.
Where to Stay
No matter what kind of accommodation you're looking for, you're spoiled for choice in Phuket. Even the rich and famous -- or those just pretending to be -- have several places to choose from.
Getting Around
Phuket is not so easy to get around even though its a very tourist oriented island. Since the 2004 tsunami, it's also gotten rather expensive to get around as well.
Food & Drink
With thousands of visitors from all over the world, Phuket has restaurants to cater to almost every taste. There's a heavy emphasis on seafood, of course, but you'll also find steaks, pizza and just about everything else on offer. The main concentration of restaurants is in the main beach area of Patong, although you'll find restaurants all over the island.