Shrine of the Serene Light - Phuket

Main altar
The main altar of the Shrine of Serene Light

The Shrine of Serene Light, or Ting Kwan Tang was once an almost hidden Chinese shrine in Phuket's old town off Phang Nga Road. But in 2010 it appears that one shophouse was torn down, and a large ceremonial Chinese Gate was built to form a much larger - and easier to find - entrance to the shrine.

Roof detail
Close-up of the roof decoration on the shrine.

The shrine is quite small, but displays some beautiful details, especially on the roof, where colorful intricate sculptures are made from bits of colored porcelain, exactly as they are in other Chinese centers of the region. A narrow passage to the left of the altar lets into a Straits Chinese restaurant on Thalang Road.

There is no admission fee to enter the shrine, but please leave a donation in the box for its upkeep.