Tarutao Islands - Satun

Almost nobody had ever heard of Tarutao Island before the 'Survivor' television series chose it as one of their locations. The island is actually the largest of 51 islands that make up the Tarutao National Marine Park. The group of islands, covering 1,490 square kilometers (580 square miles) was named Thailand's first marine park in 1974.

The island group is widely thought to have the best diving of anywhere in the world. Sightings of whales, dolphins and even dugongs are supposed to be common.

Some accommodation is available on Tarutao's west coast, at the park headquarters. There are also two restaurants here.

Note that Tarutao is only easily accessible from around mid-November to sometime in May. The exact dates will vary because the closure is due to sea conditions which make travel to and from the islands very dangerous during the rainy season.