Ayutthaya Historical Park Map

Ayutthaya Historical Park Map
Historical Park Map
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The Ayutthaya Historical Park encompasses most of the main sights on the former island capital. If you're doing a quick day trip to Ayutthaya from Bangkok, you can easily restrict yourself to this area and see the most important monuments.

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Visits usually start at Wat Si Sanphet, move on to Wat Phra Ram and then finish up at Wat Mahathat and Wat Ratchaburana. There are a number of restaurants across the street from the last two temples, if you need to grab lunch during your tour.

There is a Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT - the government tourism ministry) information office close to the big traffic circle not far from the monuments. The office can provide information and guidance, although do note they are not a travel agent, they can't make any arrangements for you, only suggest where to go. The office does sometimes have bicycles for rent, but you would be better off renting a bike near the train or bus stations where you arrive.

Elephant rides have long been a tradition at Ayutthaya. The rides are definitely a tourist trap, but some people love them anyway. You can book your elephant at the lot just across from the City Pillar shrine.