Ayutthaya Hotels

Ayutthaya doesn't have very many hotels. Most of what it does have are budget class tourist hotels. They may be acceptable for a night, but don't expect anything fancy. Things have begun to change in recent years, with more hotels opening, including the rather posh Iudia. There are also a number of guest houses in town, some of which can be quite nice. Some are available through our on-line booking partners. Use the search box to find the best rates for all available hotels. For more 'budget' options, see my friends at Travelfish.

Baifern Homestay ★★
A small guest house right on the edge of the historical park. It's very well located and has bikes for rent.
Sala Ayutthaya ★★★★
Another posh option on the river near the historical park.
Tony's Place ★★
Rambling bed & breakfast style place in the commercial area of town, very near the bus station, but very handy to all tourist services such as bicycle rental.