Getting to Lopburi

Lopburi is about 150 kilometers northeast of Bangkok. It is on the main rail line to Northern Thailand and there is a modern four-lane highway connecting Lopburi to Bangkok and other neighboring provinces.

Lopburi by Train

Trains leave Bangkok's Hualumpong rail station more or less hourly during the day. The trips, via Ayutthaya, take about two to two and a half hours, depending on the service. Third class fare from Bangkok is 50 Baht (1.30 USD) and second class air conditioned cars run about 350 Baht (9.09 USD). The train is very convenient, as the train station is within a few blocks of all the sights of town. However, if using the train to make a day trip to Lopburi, note that the last train of the day is at 6:05 pm.

Lopburi by Bus

Buses for Lopburi leave from Bangkok's northern bus terminal ('Mor Chit') about every 30 minutes. The fare for an air conditioned bus is around 100 Baht (2.60 USD). The trip takes two hours. Buses to Lopburi arrive in the new city, some distance from the sights of the old town. You can also get buses from any neighboring province, such as Ayutthaya and Saraburi.