Lopburi Hotels

Lopburi doesn't have very many hotels that can be booked on-line. All of what it does have are budget class tourist hotels. They may be acceptable for a night, but don't expect anything fancy. What is available is listed below, but do note that these are all located either in the 'new' city or even in the country-side, some distance away from the sights. The best option in the old town area is the Nett (no web site), on a side street between the palace and the railroad station. It isn't fancy - in the least, but it is serviceable for a night, which is probably as long as you'll stay in Lopburi. See Travelfish for more information and a few other options.

Lopburi Inn Hotel
Probably the nicest hotel near the old city center.
Nett Hotel
Inexpensive serviceable hotel near the center of the old city.