Phiman Pathom Residence

Phiman Pathom Residence
The Phiman Pathom Residence at Sanam Chan Palace in Nakhon Pathom

The group of buildings anchored by the Phiman Pathom Residence were the first to be constructed at Sanam Chan Palace. They were built when the future king was still a crown prince, so the details are more modest than the more palatial structures built after the prince was crowned king.

While it may appear to be a single structure, there are actually three separate buildings in the group, joined by covered walkways, which were something of a trademark of residences built by King Rama VI. The Phiman Pathom structure itself has a small throne room for royal audiences, as well as the royal bedroom and study.

As you enter the building through the main entry there is a large model of the palace complex in the reception hall. The throne room is just behind the reception hall. A receptionist will give you a brief overview of the palace complex, then you can proceed to see the rest of the rooms on your own.

The marked path takes you past the dining room and out through one of the covered walkways to the Apirom Reudi building, which was the royal consort's residence. The first floor has reception rooms while the second floor has a study and the bedroom.

Crossing back to the Phiman Pathom building brings you first to the king's bedroom. Next to this is a large hall with magnificent views to the east of the Phra Pathom Chedi. At the back of this room is a beautifully decorated 'chapel' housing many Buddha images. The walls are richly decorated with red and black, and highlighted in gold. Near the ceiling is a frieze depicting an assembly of celestial beings. This mural was apparently a 'test' of artists who were commissioned to create a similar decoration for one of the chapels at Phra Pathom Chedi.

Another walkway connects at the second level to a large room as well as a large open terrace in front that was used for formal occassions. The walkway continues to the Vajariromaya Residence. After visiting the Vajariromaya Residence you can return to where you left your shoes in front of the Phiman Pathom building using the lower level walkway.

Note: No photography is allowed inside the palace buildings. You must leave any bags in the lockers provided before entering the buildings.