Getting to That Phanom

That Phanom is a little more than 50 kilometers south of Nakhon Phanom, along the banks of the Mekong River. From Nakhon Phanom airport, a private transfer by car will run you 1,500 Baht (38.96 USD). A much cheaper option would be to go to the bus station in Nakhon Phanom town and get a bus. Regular buses leave regularly and cost around 80 Baht (2.08 USD). An even cheaper option is a songtaew. These leave from an area near the city's main market and cost just 40 Baht (1.04 USD) for the one hour trip to That Phanom. The advantage to the songtaew is that they pick up and drop off in the middle of That Phanom, while the bus station is some distance south of town. The departure point for songtaews in That Phanom is on the main road just north of the spire, almost directly across from the PTT gas station.