Chiang Mai Gay/Lesbian Resources

Chiang Mai is generally a very relaxed place, and that extends to its gay scene. There are a number of gay-owned businesses in the town, and at times Chiang Mai comes closest to having a "community" atmosphere, although it lacks a well-defined center. Unfortunately, Chiang Mai is the only city in Thailand with a big gay population but no pride event.

Of course, since its Thailand's handicrafts capital, Chiang Mai has no shortage of opportunities for that all-time favorite past-time for many: shopping!!

Resources for Gay Travelers

All of the resources listed on our main Gay/Lesbian page for Thailand provide information about and services in Chiang Mai. In addition, check out the following:

Travel Services

Purple Dragon
The guys at Purple Dragon specialize in personalized travel throughout Southeast Asia. Choose from a variety of base packages that you can add special side trips to for a one of a kind vacation experience.


There's a surprising number of gay-owned and operated guest houses available in Thailand. Here's a list of those with web sites:

Seven Suns
Gay friendly guest house in the center of the old city, operated as a non-profit enterprise to fund AIDS education and vocational training.
PJ's Place
Gay-owned guest house with access to many facilities, located on the road to Suthep Mountain from the city center.

Meeting Places

Soho Bar
Soho bar on Huay Kaew Road is a gay place with no hassle and no hosts - just a nice comfortable place for gays - farang and thai to meet without the hassle about offs and all that goes with it. Also has a small amount of accommodation: one suite and one en-suite bedroom.

Guide Books