Emerald Pond - Krabi Province

Like the Hot Waterfall, the Emerald Pond is the result of hot springs. Water flows through a fissure, over a large rock shelf and into a large pool. Depending on the temperature and other factors, the pond can be anything from crystal clear to deep green. The water is not as hot as the waterfall, but it's warm enough to be quite comfortable. The water has a lot of calcium carbonate, which deposits on the rocks and creates a rich place for bacteria, making the surfaces in and around the pool very slippery.

Emerald Pond, Krabi
The path through the forest to the Emerald Pond

Getting to the pond from the entrance area requires a short hike through a forest. The trail follows a stream which flows out of the pond. The trail affords some beautiful views, but is a bit longer than a more direct roadway that also ends up near the pond. You can take the trail to the pond and the roadway back.

Getting to the Emerald Pond

The easiest way to get to the Emerald Pond is as part of a pre-arranged day trip. These usually include a visit to the Hot Waterfall as well, which isn't far away. Most hotels in the area will have a tour desk or travel service offering one or more trips like this.

In theory you can make your own way there by a rented car or motorcycle, but be forewarned that the route is not well-signed in English.

Admission to the Emerald Pond is 200 Baht (5.19 USD) for adults and 100 Baht (2.60 USD) for children. If you book a day trip, the admission fee will usually be included in the price.