Hot Waterfall (Nam Tok Rawn) - Krabi Province

The hills inland from the Krabi coast are dotted with hot springs, some of which form an interesting landscape good for a day trip. One of these is the Hot Waterfall in Klong Thom district.

Hot Waterfall, Krabi
The Hot Waterfall in Krabi Province, Thailand

At the Hot Waterfall, hot water rises from several springs and flows through a forest until it tumbles down a bluff into a stream. Over the course of hundreds of years, the minerals dissolved in the water have been deposited on the rocks in such a way as to form large deep pools of water. The sides of the pools are so steep that they don't seem natural, but they are.

One of the major minerals found in the water is copper, which gives the stony deposits a dark green color. The forest, deep warm water, it's all very relaxing. While soaking in the water is considered good for you, be sure you don't drink it. In addition to copper and fluoride, the water also contains traces of lead.

Getting to the Hot Waterfall

The easiest way to get to the Hot Waterfall is as part of a pre-arranged day trip. These usually include a visit to the Emerald Pond as well, which isn't far away. Most hotels in the area will have a tour desk or travel service offering one or more trips like this.

In theory you can make your own way there by a rented car or motorcycle, but be forewarned that the route is not well-signed in English.

Admission to the Hot Waterfall is 90 Baht (2.34 USD). If you book a day trip, the admission fee will usually be included in the price.