Samui Special Interests

If you're looking for something more than just the usual sights, here are some links to pages that might be of interest.

Family Fun
Samui can be a problematic destination for families with young children. There are not a lot of things to do away from the beach, and the night life in the main resort towns is definitely very adult oriented. However, there are a couple of things that might keep the kids busy for a while.
Gay / Lesbian Travelers
The gay scene on Samui is relatively new. However, like the rest of the island, development has been rather speedy. There are a number of gay-owned businesses on the island to cater to your needs. There are a few 'commercial' establishments in Chaweng as well, but not many compared to the other major tourist destinations. Check out the links before for up to date information on gay owned and gay friendly businesses on the island.
Scuba Diving
The Samui archipelago holds some of the best dive sites in Southeast Asia. Many of the sites are not only spectacular but also suitable for beginners as they are in shallow waters of protected bays. In fact, the area is so popular and supports so many dive schools that it now accounts for substantial percentage of all the new dive masters certified in the world.
All of the well developed beaches along the island's east coast have many shops serving the needs of the tourists. The most developed beach, Chaweng, has a main street lined with small shops that generally stay open late into the night. These mostly sell beach-wear, jewelry and over-priced mass produced souvenirs. You will find some higher class galleries selling traditionally crafted items as well as modern works.
Spas are definitely the "flavor of the month" all around Asia. Despite the fad-like speed with which dozens of spas have opened in every large city and tourist destination, anything that makes people feel so good is probably here to stay.