Pattaya Entertainment

Evening entertainments in Pattaya tend to be adult oriented; even those that aren't neccessarily about sex. There several good movie theaters around town, as well as a branch of "Ripley's Believe It or Not" museum in the Royal Garden shopping center, which can definitely keep the children entertained.

Among Pattaya's other more notable entertainment options are:


For Thai boys-who-will-be-girls, Pattaya is their Broadway, the place where they can get their name up in lights while performing in front of their adoring fans. The Tiffany Show is perhaps the most well-known of the country's many cabaret shows - where lovely ladies-who-really-aren't-ladies put on Vegas-style shows nightly to packed audiences. Some people love it, but it's definitely not to everyone's taste.

Pattaya Theater

The Pattaya Players are a troupe of amateur thespians recently established in January of 2008. The organization was created to provide an artistically adventurous environment that attracts and excites diverse members of the Pattaya community by providing theatrical productions that entertain, inspire and inform.