Pattaya Tourist Attractions

Pattaya has a fairly large number of attractions to keep you occupied when you've had enough of the beach. This is probably due to the popularity of the city among Thais, who like to escape Bangkok on the weekends. That means many of these are perhaps more oriented to Thais than foreigners, but they can be interesting nonetheless, or in some cases, because of that.

The Sanctuary of Truth
About 20 years ago, one of Thailand's most eccentric businessmen began a monumental building project on a rocky point just north of Pattaya. Meant to remind Asians of their traditional values and constructed entirely of wood, the gigantic structure is not yet complete. However, it is open to visitors and a fascinating place to see some almost lost talents.
Mini Siam
It's cheesy, it's tacky and it's cliche, but busloads of tourists still make their way to this attraction on the main highway in Pattaya.
Floating Market
One of the newest attractions around Pattaya, the Floating Market features Thai handicraft shops and local foods, all in traditionally styled wooden buildings set on an artificial lake.
Nong Nooch Gardens
This huge formal garden is one of the oldest sights in Pattaya. In addition to the plants, which includes the largest collection of orchids in the country, there are cultural shows, restaurants and a shop.

In addition to the above, you may wish to check out Underwater World and Ripley's Believe It or Not museum.