Pattaya Special Interest Topics

While not the best destination for families, for all other types of travelers Pattaya probably has something to offer. Here are links to the topics covered by ThailandForVisitors.

Activities / Sports
You'll find all the major water sports on offer from many outlets along both Pattaya and Jomtien beaches. There's scuba diving, wind surfing, jet and water skiing readily available.
Pattaya's main attraction is its long curving beach.
Expatriate Life
Pattaya has become rather popular as a retirement destination for many westerners. So much so that there is an extensive support network of other expatriates to rely on for help and advice.
Gay / Lesbian Travelers
The Pattaya gay scene runs the gamut from the rather sleazy go-go bars of Boyz Town near central Pattaya to the country's only really gay beach.
Probably because it attracts so many weekend holiday-makers from Bangkok, Pattaya has quite a few shopping centers. These offer a range of goods, from clothing to books, as well as a large number of restaurants to choose from.