Nakhon Phanom City Map

Clock Tower Wat Phra In Plaeng Wat Mah That Viewkong Hotel Nakhon Phanom River View Hotel Indochine Market Wat Okat Wat Aranyikawat Bus Station City Pillar Shrine Library / Old Town Hall Governor's Mansion Museum

Most of the sights of Nakhon Phanom are along the riverfront, which has a wide landscaped esplanade running most of its length, from Wat Phra In Plaeng in the south to Saint Anna Church at the north end.

Map of Nakhon Phanom City
Nakhon Phanom City Map
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A walk from one end of the riverfront to the other will take at least a few hours, but will allow you to see almost all of the sights of the city. Most of the other sights, such as the old city hall, city pillar and old prison, are just a couple of blocks away from the river. Those with an interest in the old 'forest temple' tradition may want to venture a few blocks further inland to visit Wat Aranyikawat.