Aranyik - the Forest Temple Area of Kampaeng Phet

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Aranyik, which simply means 'forest', is the name given to an area immediately north of Kampaeng Phet's city walls which encompasses a small hill. The hill is covered with the remains of many temples. There are easily more than a dozen in all, although most are little more than a few stone platforms. There is a tradition in Buddhism of 'forest temples' where one removes himself from the distractions of the city to contemplate dharma (truth), and there are forest temples all around Thailand, but the concentration at Kampaeng Phet is rather unique.

Map of Aranyik - the Forest Temple Area of Kampaeng Phet
Map of Aranyik
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Aranyik now comprises one of the two historic zones of Kampaeng Phet. There are two entrances where you can access the park, and purchase a ticket if necessary. The southern entrance is closer to the city, while just inside the northern entrance is a large information center with several displays and multi-media presentations about the history of Kampaeng Phet.

Bicycles may be rented at either of the entrances to get around the large park area. While there are dozens of ruins, there are only about half a dozen that have enough remains to be really worth seeing. You can take a more or less circular tour through the forest to see the main sights.