The Walled City Historical Area

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Part of the old walled city comprises one of the two zones that make up the Kampaeng Phet Historical Park. Nearly half of the area enclosed by the walls is occupied by modern buildings, such at the provincial administration offices, the National Museum, and a large school as well as many homes.

Map of Kampaeng Phet's Walled City Area
Walled City Map
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The historical places of interest, aside from the walls themselves, are found near the center of the enclosed area. Here you can see the remains of the two 'state' temples, Wat Phra Kaeo and Wat Phra That. Close to these two temples is the modern city pillar shrine, while across the street is an area where the royal palace once stood. Palaces of the time were always made of wood, so the only remains are a few stone platforms and depressions in the ground that were once pools for bathing. Not far from the museum is a Shiva shrine erected in the sixteenth century as a city guardian.