Getting Around Kampaeng Phet

A Mountain Bike
A mountain bike - perhaps the best way to get around Kampaeng Phet

Kampaeng Phet is really a small town, without much in the way of a public transportation infrastructure. There are no taxis, although there are a very small number of tuk-tuks. There are some motorcycle taxis, but these seem to mainly hang around the bus station. To get around, and especially to see the sights, you'll need your own transportation, either a bicycle or a motorcycle. Some hotels and resorts will have these for rent. I got a very nice bike from the Praepimpalai resort where I stayed. If your accommodation doesn't have bikes or cycles available, then Three J Guesthouse on Ratchawitee Road in town has been recommended as a place where you can rent one, even if you're not a guest.