King Ramkamhaeng Monument

Statue of King Ramkamhaeng
The twice-life-size statue of King Ramkamhaeng

King Ramkamhaeng ruled Sukhothai between 1279 and 1298, approximately. He was not the founder of Sukhothai, but is widely regarded as its greatest ruler. He is credited with 'inventing' the Thai alphabet, by adapting a Khmer script that was derived from the Indian Devanagari written language. During his reign, the territory under his rule extended well down the Malay peninsula, from eastern Burma to much of Laos.

The King Ramkamhaeng Monument was errected near the center of old Sukhothai in 1971. The bronze statue is about twice life size, and depicts the king sitting on the Managkhasila-Asana throne. By his side sits the Sword of Victory, the symbol of state.

The statue is the center of an annual Ramkamhaeng festival held on 17 January.