Railay Restaurants

Railay's small size means that there aren't too many dining options outside of hotels. Still, some of the hotels themselves, such as the Sunrise Tropical and Ya-Ya's, are known as much for their food as their lodging. The very short list below covers some of the options outside of hotels. As always, things change with time and what you find on your visit may not match my experience. In addition to these, there are a lot of shacks and small restaurants at the north end of Railay East.

Flame Tree (Thai & International)
On Railay West facing the boat landing area. One of the few non-hotel restaurants on either beach, Flame Tree straddles a foot path that leads to a small shopping arcade. The menu ranges from American breakfasts, to sandwiches, steaks, Thai food and ice cream. Prices are reasonable, with most mains running from 90 to 250 Baht (2.34 USD to 6.49 USD). The restaurant will even prepare picnic lunches on request.
The Rock (Thai Restaurant & Bar)
Located on the hill past Diamond Cave. With its site up on a hill, 'The Rock' has a good view of East Railay bay, but an even better view of, well... the rock. The stone in question is one of the big cliffs the line the peninsula, and one of the most popular one among climbers. Even if you're not one of those crazy enough to try and climb a sheer rock face bare-handed, you can still enjoy lunch over a a nice view of those that are. Prices are relatively cheap as Railay prices go, with most dishes running between 80 and 150 Baht (2.08 USD to 3.90 USD).
Ya-Ya's (Pasta, Steaks & Thai)
On Railay East next to Sunrise Tropical Resort. Ya-Ya's is ostensibly a guest house, but the restaurant is a major business in itself, attracting many people from other hotels and guest houses. The upper terrace of the hotel sports a large screen projection television, showing movies and sporting events. One of the specialties of the house is a fresh seafood barbecue, with the catches of the day displayed on ice in front of the restaurant. Wide range of prices from 80 to 250 Baht (2.08 USD to 6.49 USD).