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The beaches of Koh Samui are among the best in Thailand, or anywhere else. They are the main reasons for the island's popularity. The main beaches - and most developed - are Chaweng and Lamai on the island's east coast. At the north end of Chaweng, white sand beaches slope gently out to a narrow reef which protects the beach and makes the water very good for swimming. More...
Maps & Guides
Samui is well covered by the general Thailand guides. Purchasing a specific map or guide really isn't necessary since there is such an abundance of free guides available. There were at least four free map/guides to the island the last time we visited, plus a free dining guide, spa guide and accommodation guide. If you buy a map or guide before you arrive, you're probably going to feel like you wasted your money.
The main attraction on Samui is the beach, so you may not need to think much about tours. However, the Ang Thong Marine Park is spectacular and shouldn't be missed. To book individual tours to such places as Ang Thong in advance, see the list below. Booking in advance helps to ensure you get exactly what you want, without have to worry about dealing with a hotel tour desk or searching out a tour operator once you get there.
Temperatures in Samui run a little bit hotter than Phuket, but like Phuket temperatures only vary by about five degrees farenheit throughout the year.
Useful Links
In the economic crash of 1997, a number of young entrepreneurs from Bangkok escaped to Samui, where they opened many new businesses such as bars, restaurants... and web sites. Here's some picks of the islands' best travel sites.