Khao Tung Kuan and Khao Noi

Khao Tung Kuan
The lighthouse atop Tung Kuan hill, completed in 1897.

At the north end of town are two hills. The taller of the two is Khao Tung Kuan while the smaller is Khao Noi (literally, 'little hill'). Atop Khao Tung Kuan is a chedi, a lighthouse and a small chalet started on the orders of Rama V but only recently completed. From the top on a clear day, you can see much of the Thale Sap as well as the Cat and Mouse Islands off the coast.

Khao Tung Kuan
The Red Chapel on Tung Kuan hill, finished in 1897.

To reach the top of Tung Kuan hill, you used to have to climb a long stairway on the western side of the hill. However, in October of 2003, a funicular provides service up the east side. The ride costs 30 Baht (0.78 USD). The lower station is at the crest of the saddle between the two hills. The western stairway is now in a bit of a run-down state, as few people use it anymore. However, if you find the path and take it down a little ways, you'll find the Red Chapel (Wiharn Daeng), a small brick building that looks a little like a church but was actually meant to be a Buddhist prayer hall.

A large troop of monkeys lives on the two hills. In the evening you'll find people feeding the monkeys around the area of the new funicular station. At the base of the smaller hill is the Khao Noi Palace.