Songkhla Beaches

Songkhla could well be that 'holy grail' of beach lovers: a nice, often almost deserted, beach that doesn't require a long travel ordeal to get to. The beaches around Songkhla aren't as spectacular as their west coast counterparts, but their pine fringed laid back atmosphere often makes up for that.

Closest to town - in it in fact - is Samila Beach. It's a very shallow beach which is good for swimming. The BP Samila Beach Hotel was Songkhla's best hotel and right on the beach. In front of the hotel is a mermaid statue that's become the cliché postcard image of Songkhla.

Just south of town is the Kao Seng village, a popular day trip for those that want to see a Muslim fishing village and the colorful korlae boats. The beach here is long and straight, dotted with rocks here and there. According to legend, there's a buried treasure somewhere under one of these rocks.

On the north side of the mouth is Hat Son On, and further north is a long stretch of white sand known as Hat Kaew.