Songkhla's Mermaid Statue

Mermaid Statue
Songkhla's golden mermaid statue

The Golden Mermaid statue is probably Songkhla's most photographed tourist attraction. It sits on a rock on the beach near the BP Samila hotel. Contrary to what you may think, it's not a copy of the famous statue in Denmark. No, really, it isn't. It depicts a character from a tale by one of Thailand's literary masters, Sunthorn Phu. The statue was erected by the city in 1966.

Cat Statue
Cat and mouse statue

Not far from the golden mermaid is another bronze statue, of a cat and mouse. The large sculpture is taken from a local fairy tale about the origins of the off-shore islands, which are named 'cat' and 'mouse'. The cat stands taller than the average person. This statue was put up in 2000 and a nearby plaque gives the full story of the cat and mouse.