Waterfront Park and Naga Fountain

Naga Fountain
The Naga statue, spewing water into the Gulf of Siam.

At the very tip of the cape extending north of the hills is a small park with several shrines and monuments. Among these, perhaps the most interesting to a western visitor is the rather new statue of a 'Naga' - a serpent that plays an important role in the Hindu-Buddhist traditions of Thailand. The statue is rather reminiscent of the Merlion in Singapore, in that it sprays a constant stream of water out into the ocean from its perch on the seawall.

Further down the esplanade is a statue to a prince who was once Viceroy of southern Thailand. Scattered in between are several naval relics, such as guns, torpedoes and mines. At the far end of the park is a small group of pavilions which form chapels where many people come to make offerings. You may want to note that it's customary for boats leaving the lake and heading into the open ocean to set off fireworks as they pass the park.