Nakorn Chum

Wat Phra Baromathat Wat Phra Baromathat

Nakorn Chum was a much smaller town on the west bank of the Ping River. It appears to pre-date Kampaeng Phet, at least in the historical record. The laterite stone that much of Kampaeng Phet's monuments are made of is less available on the west bank, so most of the temples were made of brick. Nakorn Chum had walls as well, but they were simple earthen ramparts for the most part, and little of them remains aside from a few forts that were made of stone.

Wat Nong Langka Wat Nong Langka

The city of Nakorn Chum was north of the modern highway which cuts through Kampaeng Phet. This is where Wat Phra Baromathat, which appears to have been the principle temple of the city, is located. The city's Aranyik forest temple area was located south of the highway, in what is now mostly rice fields. There are perhaps half a dozen ruined temples in the area. The two that are most worth a visit are Wat Chedi Klang Thung and Wat Nong Langka.