Essential Travel Links for Thailand

Here are some links to the basic essential information you'll need to know when planning your trip to Thailand:

Getting There
The majority of tourists arrive by plane, all but a fraction through Bangkok's international airport. Chiang Mai, Phuket and Hat Yai airports also have immigration facilities and a small number of scheduled international flight arrivals, mostly from neighboring countries such as Singapore or China. More...
Where to Stay
There's a rich selection of places to stay in Thailand. Everything from the world's top rated hotels and resorts to cheap hostels can be found, sometimes side-by-side. In the "top rated" category, you'll find the Oriental Hotel, which is consistently ranked one of the world's finest hotels year after year. This 125 year old landmark is worth a visit, even if you're not staying there.
Getting Around
There are many ways to get around Thailand. Although most travelers choose to fly between the major tourist centers of Bangkok, the North and South, there's something to be said for the alternatives. There are still some special and out of the way places you can't get close to by plane, not to mention that most tourist cities have been turned into something which is not quite Thailand. To see the "real" Thailand you need to get outside the major tourist areas.
Food & Drink
Thai Food seems to have taken the world by storm. Every western big city seems to have at least one Thai restaurant. The popularity has reached such global proportions that the Thai government itself now considers Thai restaurants an "export" commodity. Although known for its spiciness, what draws many people to Thai cooking is the emphasis on fresh ingredients and variety.