Exploring the Great Outdoors in Thailand

Sea Cano
Exploring Pang Nga bay by sea canoe

Thailand offers a number of options for the outdoors enthusiast. Given the hot tropical climate, most of them involve water. Diving, sailing, windsurfing, you name it and if it involves water you can probably find great places to do it in Thailand.

Other popular outdoor activities include cycling, trekking, rock climing and that quintessential Asian pastime, golf!


Explore Pang Nga Bay by Sea Canoe
This bay, near the resort island of Phuket, is full of fantastical rock formations and mangrove forests. One of the best ways to explore it is by Sea Canoe.
Lumpini Park
This large park in central Bangkok provides many options for outdoor activities.

Other Resources

Adventure / Cycling

Smiling Albino
We take small groups of people and engage them in our adventure programs. We host 'experience-the-culture' excursions through Thailand based on the idea of fun and personal growth. On our adventures, you'll experience the dazzling sights, sounds, and tastes of Thailand, but at the same time undertake activities that push your personal limits. We offer all kinds of adventures from one-day trips in Bangkok to multi-day, up-country excursions.

Deep Sea Fishing

Phuket Deep Sea Fishing
It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but there is excellent fishing to be had in the Andaman sea.


Phuket Diving
Offers a variety of scuba tours, including live-aboard options.


Phuket Invitational
Annual international yachting meet held in Phuket.