Around Mae Hong Son

It takes only a day to see just about everything that the town of Mae Hong Son itself has to offer. However, there's a lot to see in the countryside around the city, whether you're interested in adventure, nature or cultural tourism.

Fish Cave
About 17 kilometers (10 miles) from Mae Hong Son town is the small Fish Cave (tam plaa in Thai) national park. The name is a bit misleading. There's no cave that you can really go into. The park surrounds a place where a small stream emerges from the rock face of a hill.
Hill Tribes
They seem to be a fixture of every package tour or day trip. We generally try to avoid tours that include stops at hill tribe villages. The idea of visiting people just to gawk at their 'strangeness' seems rude, to say the least. Whether or not to visit the hill tribes is an ethical question you'll have to answer for yourself.
Mae Hong Son has become something of a magnet for those seeking a bit of 'adventure' in their vacation.