Thai Currency Gallery

Displayed here are all the current Thai bank notes in use. We've tried to show the notes in relative sizes. The design of Thai notes includes many security features to make them difficult to forge. Some of these don't scan very well either, so please 'note' that these notes are not exact.

1000 Baht
1,000 Baht Note - Front

The 1,000-Baht note is printed with mainly brown ink on off-white stock. The blank space to the right of the king's portrait has a watermark of the king's portrait as well.

1000 baht
1,000 Baht Note - Back

On the back, to the right of the king's picture is a broken ribbon of silver thread woven into the note.

The 1,000-Baht note was only introduced in the mid-1990's. The first version is slightly larger and shows both the king and queen on the back.

500 Baht Front
500 Baht Note - Front

The 500-Baht note is decidedly purple. The stripe on the far left of the front of the bill is silvery holographic printing. The blank spot to the right of the king's portrait contains a watermark.

500 Baht Back
500 Baht Note - Back

The unusual temple depicted on the back of the note is the Loha Prasat in Bangkok. There's yet another broken silver stripe running through one side of the bill.

An older version of this bill still in circulation lacks the silver stripes and other security features.

100 Baht Front
100 Baht Note - Front

The 100-Baht note sports a red motif.

100 baht back
100 Baht Note - Back
50 Baht front
50 Baht Note - Front

The 50-Baht note is all in blue, and is made of plastic. Above the clear window next to the king's portrait on the front is a sort of polarized watermark.

As of early 2012, there's a new 50-Baht note in circulation. It's still plastic, but feels a little more like paper. It's still deep blue, but with a different portrait of the king on the front.

50 Baht back
50 Baht Note - Back

There are some older versions of the 50-Baht note in circulation, in both paper and plastic.

20 Baht front
20 Baht Note - Front

The 20-Baht note is printed in green. The watermark, which is opposite the king's portrait on the front, is the king's portrait in profile.

20 Baht Back
20 Baht Note - Back

The 20-Baht note is the one bill that hasn't changed over the years. It's the same now as it was 15 years ago. They tried introducing a coin a few years ago but it proved unpopular.

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