The Old 50-Baht Notes

50 Baht Front
Old 50-Baht plastic note - Front

The plastic 50-Baht note was first introduced to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the king's ascension to the throne. The design is light blue fading into ocher in the middle.

50 Baht back
Old 50-Baht plastic note - Back

The building on the back of the old plastic note is the Ananta Samakorn throne hall.

50 Baht front
Older 50 Baht paper note - Front

Before plastic, there was a paper 50-Baht note. It was never popular - even today the 50-Baht note is the least common bill you'll find.

50 Baht back

You'll note that the back of the old paper note was almost exactly the same as the plastic note which replaced it.

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